Migrating from Homebrew MySQL/Meilisearch/Redis to Laravel Herd Pro Services

March 29, 2024

Laravel Herd is a fantastic application from the Germans wizards at Beyondco.de that makes it so easy to run PHP applications on your Mac or Windows machine. They offer a paid Pro version that provides MySQL, Meilisearch full text search, Redis, and more. I've been running those with Homebrew, and I wanted to consolidate my tooling.

How to migrate from Homebrew MySQL to Laravel Herd Pro

1mysqldump -u root --all-databases > ~/homebrew-mysqldump.sql
2brew services stop mysql

Then install the MySQL service with Laravel Herd Pro and start it. You're ready to import your data:

1mysql -u root < ~/homebrew-mysqldump.sql

If all went well, go ahead and remove the Homebrew MySQL:

1brew uninstall mysql
2rm ~/homebrew-mysqldump.sql

How to migrate from Homebrew Redis to Laravel Herd Pro Redis

Since I treat Redis as a transient data store on my development machine, I didn't have any data to transfer. This was as easy as:

1brew services stop redis
2brew uninstall redis

And then I installed Redis using Laravel Herd Pro. No changes were required in my .env file.

How to migrate from Homebrew Meilisearch to Laravel Herd Pro Meilisearch

Meilisearch is a full text search engine, similar to Elasticsearch. It integrates nicely with Laravel Scout. I do store some data here, but it can be rebuilt, so no need to back anything up.

1brew services stop meilisearch
2brew uninstall meilisearch

Install and start Meilisearch with Laravel Herd Pro, then rebuild the indexes:

1php artisan scout:sync-index-settings
2php artisan scout:import "class name"

I did need to update my .env file to include a password. You can see the .env config in the Laravel Herd Pro settings:


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