Running Laravel Horizon in a multi-server environment with Laravel Forge and Envoyer

I just set up Laravel Horizon to manage our queue in a multi-server environment. The documentation is a little thin in this area but the ultimate solution is pretty simple. We have a load...


Load balanced environments with Laravel Forge and Envoyer

Here's how I set up a load balanced environment on Laravel Forge and deployed with Envoyer. Forge is a service run by the Laravel crew that provisions and configures servers. They don't run the...


Create a timelapse video with free and open source tools

I've recently become interested in creating timelapses with my Canon 20D DSLR and have discovered a workflow that uses all free and/or open source software to take your digital photo sequence and...


Adding PNG Watermarks to JPEGs with PHP

This took up a good chunk of my afternoon. I have a client who wants to upload JPEG images to his website and have them automatically resized and watermarked with copyright information to discourage...


This blog is an experiment: less about education and more about documenting the oddities I've experienced while building web apps.

My hope is that you're here because of a random search and you're experiencing something I've had to deal with.

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